Why do I need a Thruster?

A Thruster makes boat handling, especially in tight harbours, much eaiser by gently moving the Bow with a small independently driven prop without having to use the main engine.

What size Thruster do I need for my boat?

It depends on your expectations.
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I am buying a new boat but haven’t decided to have a Thruster installed can it be fitted later?

Yes, there are plenty of installers around. It may cost a little extra and will involve hauling the boat and a few days of installation.

What Battery power do I need?

Thrusters have very powerful electric motors and it is recommended where possible to have a dedicated Battery close to the Thruster with a separate charger. This saves the problems of installing expensive, large cables from the main battery bank.

Can I install the Thruster myself?

The majority of the work involves choosing the location and installing the tunnel. A suitably qualified person should always carry out this work.

Can a Lewmar Thruster replace my existing installation/ I have a tunnel and standard fit by another manufacturer?

Yes in most cases providing the tunnel has the same internal diameter.
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