Can you add self-tailing jaws to a standard winch?

No, the standard winch centre stem is not capable of taking the self-tailing jaw mechanism. A self-tailing winch is taller than the equivalent standard winch.

What is the benefit of choosing a self-tailing winch?

Self-tailing winches enable one crew member to easily trim or raise sails. Self-tailing also removes the need to hold the sheet whilst winding the handle.

What gives the Lewmar winches that distinctive 'clicking' sound?

This sound is made by the spring loaded pawls engaging the drive tracks.

Can a manual winch be converted to a powered winch?

Yes, Lewmar winches size 40 to 65 can be updated to Electrics. Click here to see details.

How is the size/number system worked out?

The winch size refers to the power ratio i.e. a Size 40 winch has a 40.2 : 1 power ratio. This means if you put 25kg/55lb of effort on the handle, the pull generated will be approximately 1005kg/2211lbs.

What carries the full load on a Lewmar winch?

The pawls.

What makes the Lewmar Ocean winch easier to service than any of the competition?

A screw off top cap means that no tools are required to strip the winch. All Lewmar Ocean manual winches can be serviced above deck without having to unbolt the winch.

How many speeds does the electric winch have?

One speed electric drives provides adequate power and speed for winches up to Size 64. Size 66 and above have two speed electric drives. Line speed varies according to load i.e. heavy load = slow line speed.

How do Lewmar winches grip different line diameters?

Lewmar's self-tailing jaws incorporate our 'Wavespring' solution. This is where the jaws are held together by spring tension which self-adjusts to grip the size of the rope used.

Do all winches have the same size handle sockets?

Yes, after 1972 all winches and handles have the international standard sockets.

What winch handle is better, a plain or locking handle?

This depends upon how you use it. For racing or cruising locking handles are more secure and less likely to be knocked out of the winch and lost overboard. Plain handles are easy to insert and release and some racing crews prefer them as they are quicker to insert/remove.
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