Lewmar Launches New Autopilots

Lewmar is pleased to announce the launch of a new range of autopilots featuring integrated rudder reference, offering OEMs and end customers alike unparalleled ease of installation.

Adapting the highly popular Integra, Mamba and Direct Drives with new mouldings or revised castings, the belt-driven potentiometer provides the necessary 10kOhm  output for Garmin, Nexus and NKE systems.

Rudder reference modules allow course computers to know the exact angle of the rudder blade at all times, improving performance and preventing the rudder from being driven hard onto the stops. Lewmar’s integrated version eliminates the need for costly external reference units and the associated mounting bracket and installation / set-up time.

All parts are user exchangeable using simple tools and the belt drive prevents damage to the potentiometer if the drive turns beyond its travel limits.

The reference unit is not available as an add-on unit for existing autopilots and must be ordered as a complete drive using one of the following part numbers:

Part Number Description
89300177 Rotary Drive (Mamba, 12V, 1/4hp)
89300176 Rotary Drive (Integra Chain Drive, 12V, 1/4hp)
89300186 Rotary Drive (Bavaria Vision 46 Fitment)
89300179 Direct Drive (12V, 1/4hp, 134mm Lever)
89300183 Direct Drive (Bavaria 45 Kit)
89300184 Direct Drive (Bavaria 50 Kit)
89300185 Direct Drive (Bavaria 55 Kit)


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