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V4/V5 Vertical Windlasses

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  • Rope-chain gypsy
  • Cone clutch for smooth, easy control
  • Manual Free Fall
  • W.A.R.P Drum
  • Robust and reliable drive train
  • Reed switch and magnet fitted as standard
  • Manual override (optional)
  • The largest rope chain windlass in the range
  • For boats up to 22m (72ft)
V4 and V5 Dech unit
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1350 KB
V4 MotorGearbox
282 KB
1026 KB
V5 MotorGearbox
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503 KB
Multiple drawings above and below deck available
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V1-V2-V3-V4-V5-V6 & V-sports manual - 65001201 Iss.2
High Resolution version
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V1-6-65001201 Iss.4a
Low Resolution version for fast web download
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