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Anchors - Delta Anchor (Galvanised) 4Kg/9Lb

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Its unique shank profile and ballasted tip make the Delta anchor self-launching. The low centre of gravity and self-righting geometry ensure that the Delta anchor will set immediately. Consistent and reliable in performance, the Delta anchor has Lloyd's Register General Approval of an Anchor Design as a High Holding Power anchor and is specified as the primary anchor used by numerous National Lifeboat organisations. Also available in premium grade Duplex/High Tensile stainless steel.

All Delta anchors are "guaranteed for life against breakage". Lloyd's Test Certification is available for individual Delta anchors by arrangement.

**Damage by deformation or bending is not covered by this guarantee.


  • Manufactured from high grade manganese steel.
  • Self launching
  • Lloyd's Register Type Approval
  • Guaranteed for life against Breakage
  • Lloyd's Test Certification available

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Anchor Weight(kg) Recommended Chain Size(mm)
4 6-7


A(mm) B(mm)C(mm) D(mm) E(mm) F(mm)
514 230 8 387 210 -

Delta Anchors
4Kg to 63Kg (9lb to 140lb)
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