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*NEW* DTX Anchors - Stainless Steel

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The new DTX® anchor fills the gap between the existing galvanised and stainless Delta™ anchors, allowing boat owners and builders to specify a stainless steel anchor for a significantly reduced outlay.

Made from 316 stainless steel, the DTX® anchors feature exceptional anti-corrosional performance and the enhanced aesthetics that stainless anchors offer. Utilising lead ballast encapsulated within the tip of the anchor to achieve the perfect centre of gravity, the DTX® offers the initial bite and holding reliability that users of our Delta™ anchors have come to expect.

Every DTX® anchor is certified to Lloyd's Ordinary Holding Power standard and is warrantied for 3 years against breakage.


  • Manufactured from 316 stainless steel
  • Self launching
  • Ordinary Holding Power certified
  • Guaranteed for 3 years against breakage
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    DTX Anchor 6Kg
    167 KB
    2095 KB
    DTX Anchor 10Kg
    166 KB
    2064 KB
    DTX Anchor 16Kg
    174 KB
    2182 KB
    DTX Anchor 20Kg
    168 KB
    2080 KB
    DTX Anchor 25Kg
    172 KB
    2145 KB
    DTX Anchor 32Kg
    174 KB
    2165 KB
    DTX Anchor 40Kg
    173 KB
    2208 KB
    DTX Anchor 50Kg
    175 KB
    2175 KB
    DTX Anchor 63Kg
    192 KB
    2289 KB
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