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Retro-Fitting A Lewmar Hatch

Hatch & Portlight Fitting Guide

A clear step by step guide with colour pictures showing how to fit and replace Lewmar hatches, portlights and vents.

Hatch & Portlight Fitting Guide -

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Lewmar Hatch Install

Power and Motoryacht magazine presents "Maintenance Q & A" with Ken Kreisler and Lewmar's Chuck Luscomb. In this issue, Chuck and Ken retrofit a new Lewmar hatch.

Please select a video chapter below to view installation instructions.
*Please note: although video has been segmented, download times may vary depending on your connection rate.

Chapter 1: Introduction

med (1M) ¦ high (4.8M)

Chapter 2: Removing the Old Hatch

med (460k) ¦ high (2.1M)

Chapter 3: Measuring and Cutting the Hole

med (740k) ¦ high (3.5M)

Chapter 4: Applying the Sealant

med (310k) ¦ high(1.5M)

Chapter 5: Finalizing the Installation

med (360k) ¦ high (1.7M)

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