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How To Find Your Lens Code


All Lewmar Hatches and Portlights (except old Standard) produced since October 1997 have had identification information stamped on the acrylic. On Portlights and Fixedlights the information is under the LEWMAR branding. On hatches the information is between the right hand handle and the edge of the acrylic. 


*On some Lewmar hatches you may need to peel back the seal slightly to reveal the code.
The information is:- 
Range Name & Hatch Size
For Hatches; Ocean, Coastline, Trimport, Trimline or Concept
For Portlights; Standard (New Standard only), Atlantic, Ocean or ASTAR (Hallberg Rassy only)
The size is abbreviated as “SZ” and followed by a 2 digit number, for example 
Size 60 hatch = Sz 60 
For portlights the 2 digits used are the 4 and 5 digits of the part number, for example:- 
Size 4 New Standard opening portlight = Sz 42 Size 4 New Standard fixed portlight = Sz 41 
A number in the form "399SSXR" for example 3996003 where:-
SS is the hatch size, in the example Size 60 
 X  is the acrylic colour as per Table X in the spares book, in the example 0 for grey  R  is the Range, 3 is Low Profile, as in the example, and 2 is Medium Profile
On Mark 2 Low & Medium Profile hatches the number is preceded by and “A” for example “A3996002” 
A number in the form "300XXX" for example 300380. This is the first 6 digits of a hatch or portlight custom product part number, in this case it would be 300380000 
The date
In the from "DDMY" for example 11J7 where;-
The letter code for the month is:- A = January 
B = February 
C = March 
D = April 
E= May 
F= June 
The letter I "India" is not used
G = July 
H = Au
J  is the month of September 
 7  is the year 1997, the year 2000 will be 0. 
There are some features that the coding does not identify. For example 
  • Frame finish / colour 
  • Friction Lever or power boat Stay 
  • If accessories such as Lock & Key Kit and Vent are fitted 



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