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Frequently Asked Questions

How do i install a Pad Eye

This is how to install a Pad Eye to your deck.

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pad eye fitting instructions.pdf
What spares are available for ocean cars

In the attached PDF you will find exploded diagrams and part number listings for all size Ocean cars. Please bere in mind that some part as no longer available due to there age.

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Ocean Spares Data.pdf
What parts are available for NTR cars.

Every part is available as a spare for the NTR range. For all parts, upgrades and track please have a look at the attached document.

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NTR Spares Data.pdf
When should I replace my blocks?

Blocks and deck gear should at worst be replaced when standing rigging is replaced e.g. every 8-10 years for an average boat. This is due to the fatigue of metal components.

Can I fit cleats onto Ocean cars?

Yes. Cleats and control lines fit end stops on all cars.

If I want to build up a control line system, where do I start?

Beckets and control lines are already inside the Ocean cars and ends. Additional purchases can be added.

What is a ratchet block?

Ratchet blocks combine all the features of ball bearing blocks, with a highly efficient ratchet mechanism; this allows the crew member to hold much greater loads. They are often used on mainsheet systems, jib sheet and asymmetric spinnaker systems.

How can I stop my rope chaffing on the block cheeks?

The Ocean range of blocks feature universal heads enabling the block to be fixed in line at 90° or swivel through 360°.

What types of line can a clutch hold?

All types of line can be used with full holding power.

Can you control the release of a clutch under full load?

Yes, but this only applies to Lewmar clutches.

When I am ordering hardware, should I choose Ocean or Racing?

If you require easy control and rugged capability, you should choose Ocean hardware. However it is not only the Grand Prix racing yachts that could benefit from upgrading to the Racing range.

Can you convert T-Track genoa cars to a control line version?

Yes, Lewmar offers T-Track genoa cars with control line sheaves which can be moved under low load. We would recommend for adjustment under high load to use the recirculating ball genoa cars.

Can slide rod cars be upgraded to re-circulating balls to reduce the friction?

Size 0 to 3 Ocean cars can be upgraded to torlon recirculating balls.

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