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Frequently Asked Questions

What grease to use on Mamba universal joints?

We use Ceran WR2 which we don’t sell, but it is ok to use the Winch grease which can be found on our site. Just enter ‘grease’ into the search box.

What Rail should I order when I plan to mount electronics on the pedestal?

Lewmar supply 1 ¼” guard rails in order to accommodate the ever increasing socket and cable sizes for modern electronics. They come in various sizes. click here for further Information

Will my Lewmar instrument pod fit another manufacturer's guard rail?

Some of our instrument pods have been designed to fit 9.5” centre guard rails as well as the standard 12”. Please click here for more information

What Autopilot manufacturers will your drives work with best?

Lewmar drive units are compatible with all autopilot equipment and they are very easy to install.

What kind of lubricant should I use on my steering system?

For Cobra, Mamba and chain wire type steering systems, we strongly recommend Lewmar grease, designed for marine environments, in order to provide the best from your equipment. Part number: 1970110.

For conduit type steering systems such as Constellation, a lighter grease is required. Part number: 89100120.

Do you have an input socket repair kit?

Available from September 2003 through our distributors is a repair kit to service the input sockets of Cobra and Constellation systems.

After years of service, I've recently noticed play/lost motion at the Wheel - are there any checks I can do myself?

There are a series of basic checks you can do to identify the cause of this problem, which may occur when regular servicing is not maintained. Depending on the steering system employed:Constellation

  • If it appears fore and aft - check all circlips on the steering shaft to see if they are all in place.
  • If radially - check the cable tension and readjust to Lewmar's recommendation at quadrant.
  • Check the steering shaft key - if it is loose replace it. 


  • Check the draglink rod ends and replace at the first sign of wear.
  • Check to see if the input socket needs reshimming
  • Look at the steering shaft key - if it is look replace it. 


  • Check the draglink rod ends - replace at first sign of wear
  • Check to see if the input socket requires reshimming
  • Inspect the bevel and reduction boxes - reshim if required or contact Lewmar.
  • Look at the steering shaft keyway - if it is loose replace it.
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