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Frequently Asked Questions

What Resin Is The Thruster Tunnel Made From?

The tunnel thruster is made from polyester resin. The specification is:

Resin : Scott Bader Crystic 397PA ( Isophthalic-NPG polyester resin)

Reinforcement : Vetrotex R099 EC24 2400 tex P122 continuous filament rovings

Aerator : K&K Polymerics BYKA501

Catalyst : Luperox GZS (organic peroxide type D liquid)

Finish : peel ply

71% Glass

29% Resin

Remember to always take the peel ply off the tube before bonding.

TT Thruster problem solver

If your thruster is having an issue then it is easy to work through and find the fault. The attached file will walk you through step by step until you find the issue.

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TT problem solver.pdf
What size Thruster do I need for my boat?

It depends on your expectations. Please have a look at the size and power guide below to help you choose the thruster that best suits your needs.

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Thruster size guide.pdf
Are swing thrusters easy to install

The installation of a swing thruster takes a good level of fiberglass skill and we would advise this to be undertaken by a professional. We have attached the manual for you to have a look at to see what the install process is.

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Lewmar Swing Thruster manual S1.pdf
Can a Lewmar Thruster replace my existing installation/ I have a tunnel and standard fit by another manufacturer?

Yes in most cases providing the tunnel has the same internal diameter.

Can I install the Thruster myself?

The majority of the work involves choosing the location and installing the tunnel. A suitably qualified person should always carry out this work.

What Battery power do I need?

Thrusters have very powerful electric motors and it is recommended where possible to have a dedicated Battery close to the Thruster with a separate charger. This saves the problems of installing expensive, large cables from the main battery bank.

I am buying a new boat but haven’t decided to have a Thruster installed can it be fitted later?

Yes, there are plenty of installers around. It may cost a little extra and will involve hauling the boat and a few days of installation.

Why do I need a Thruster?

A Thruster makes boat handling, especially in tight harbours, much eaiser by gently moving the Bow with a small independently driven prop without having to use the main engine.

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