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110TT Thruster Kit 12V

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Product Description

  • No reservoir to install, no leaks and no maintenance
  • High performance 5 blade propellers give equal thrust in both directions
  • High integrity seal
  • Spline driven propeller, no drive pin required
  • Hardened and ground spiral bevel gear for maximum efficiency and quiet power transmission
  • Self resetting thermal protection on all motors
  • Choice of Joystick or Touch Panel controls
  • Easy plug together switch connections
  • Minimum silhouette hub for smooth water flow

New composite Motor gearbox

  • Sleek hydrodynamic design
  • Thick strong sections over stainless steel body
  • Same installation method
  • Same cassette seal meaning maintenance free
  • No need for an anode
kg/cm lb/in


Model Hub Voltage Power (kw) Tunnel size (mm) Thrust(kgf) Weight (kg)
110TT 1.5 Composite 12v 1.5 110 28 10
110TT 1.5 IP Composite 12v 1.5 110 28 11
Model Hub Voltage Power (hp) Tunnel Size (in) Thrust (lbs) Weight (lbs)
110TT 1.5 Composite 12v 2 4 1/3 62 22
110TT 1.5 IP Composite 12v 2 4 1/3 62 25
123mm 208mm 110mm 64mm

File Downloads

140TT-300TT Gen 1 Thrusters – B500100 Iss6

Owner's Manual

Product Literature


Electric TT Thruster 110-140 Iss 2

Owner's Manual

Product Literature


Gen 2 Thruster Systems

Understanding Gen 2 Systems 

Product Literature General Literature


110TT-300TT Gen 2 Thrusters - 559231 Issue 5

Installation, operation and service information for Gen 2 Thruster Systems

Product Literature General Literature



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