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Lewmar Hardware

From the plain bearing Synchro range to our high-load Racing blocks hewn from a single piece of aluminium, every Lewmar hardware product benefits from our experience in high-tech materials and design techniques, picked up over many years of involvement in the highest level of racing and Superyacht development.

The end result is a range of robust, high-performance products which ease sail handling for every sailor.

Lewmar's hardware range also features the recently redesigned, award winning rope clutches.


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Hardware Type

Travellers and cars (82)

Blocks (83)

Clutches and cleats (4)

Organisers, pad eyes and other hardware (9)

Tracks (9)

Product Range

NTR Travellers (46)

High Load Racing Blocks (13)

Racing Blocks (18)

Control Blocks (24)

HTX Blocks (20)

Synchro Blocks (14)

Ocean Size 0 Travellers (4)

T-Track Travellers (3)

HTX Travellers (22)

Car Accessories (16)

Strop Block (2)

Car Type

Mainsheet car (29)

Headsail (Genoa) car (21)

Block Type

Single (29)

Stand up (6)

Double (11)

Triple (12)

Ratchet (10)

Blocks with cleat (16)

Triple becket (6)

Footblocks (11)

Single becket (15)

Fiddle blocks (14)

Snatch blocks (3)

Halyard blocks (5)

Runner blocks (4)

Double becket (5)

Web blocks (4)

Pivoting lead blocks (1)

Sheave diameter

100+ (12)

50-60 (54)

72-90 (50)

30-40 (26)


stainless steel (4)

Carbon Fibre (1)

black alloy (2)

Boat Type

Sail (181)

Power (1)

Boat length

31-50ft (144)

up to 30ft (150)

101+ ft (33)

51-70ft (70)

71-100ft (44)


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